7 Cute Head Wraps for Your Newborn

Did you know that there are about 385,000 babies born each day? Nothing is sweeter or cuter than a newborn baby.

That's why it's fun to try new looks and cute trends on babies, they're the perfect models! Head wraps are a fun, easy, and adorable accessory for babies that come in every color and pattern you can imagine. 

At Stevie J's we make all our headwraps and bows with love to ensure your babies wear only the highest quality products. Our products are made by a team of men and women in Dallas, Texas. 

All of our bows and head wraps are made with comfort in mind and come perfectly tied, sewn, and knotted. 

Whether you're looking for solid colors, cute patterns, or florals, Stevie J's has the perfect head wrap for the little one in your life. We even have hair bows and other accessories.

Read on to discover seven of our cutest and comfiest bows to keep your babies stylish and cozy. 

1. Leopard Chandler Headwrap

This stand-out headwrap is perfect for the sweet and sassy baby in your life. Leopard print is always fun and funky and looks adorable on everyone. 

This headwrap is stretchy and pre-tied so it can easily be slipped on without hassle. It's soft and lightweight so your baby won't feel weighed down and will be free to crawl, run, and play all day. It's also possible to re-tie this bow if needed. 

Pair this feisty headwrap with colors like tan, black, grey, and brown. You can even go full diva and pair it with more leopard print!

Most of our headwraps come in three sizes which are based on our pre-tied measurement. "Newborn" size fits approximately premie to 3 months old. "Baby" size fits babies approximately 0 to six months old, while "child/toddler" fits children approximately 6 months to ten years and up!

2. Black Dot Butter Knot

Our Butter Knots are a stretchy knit blend that earned its name for being "soft as butter". 

Nothing is sweeter than a classic polka dot pattern. This polka dot pattern will look as good as it feels when you put it on your baby. 

The best part is that polka dots go with almost any color! So this headwrap is versatile, which is good news for any mom. 

3. Seafoam Grosgrain on a Thick Nylon Band

If you're looking to put a sweet, classic ribbon bow on your baby, you'll want to check out our grosgrain collection of headwraps. 

These ribbon bows come on a comfortable, wide, and thick nylon band that will not slip off your baby's head easily. These are one size fits all and will grow with your babe! 

Seafoam is a classic color that will look beautiful on any baby and be the sweet final touch of any outfit. 

Our grosgrain collection comes in a variety of solid, soft colors as well, like light pink and lilac. The soft colors paired with grosgrain make for a charming and delicate headwrap.

4. Bright Pink Floral Julia Newborn Headwrap

Nothing will complete your newborn baby's adorable outfits more than a bright floral headband. 

Whether you're taking first pictures out of the hospital or taking a "one-month" photoshoot, this beautiful headwrap will highlight your baby's already perfect and adorable face. 

Our newborn headwraps were specifically designed to fit your baby during those first few precious months of life. They come in one size that is fit for premie babies up to about three months. 

5. Mustard Gingham Julia Headwrap

Few patterns look as adorable on babies as gingham does!

This original bow headwrap is easy to slip on and will stick with your baby through playtime and more. The fabric is lightweight and soft so it won't irritate your baby or feel uncomfortable while they crawl and play. 

Gingham is a rare pattern to find and compliments any sweet baby face. Everyone wants to capture their little ones as much as possible while they grow, and this headwrap is the perfect accessory for fall or summer pictures.

This gingham pattern will look perfect with white jumpers, jean dresses, and so much more. It is sure to be one of your favorite items in your baby's wardrobe. 

6. Deep Red Chandler Headwrap

Every baby needs a pop of red color in their wardrobe. This deep red headwrap will give your baby's outfit the right pop of color to stand out without being too bright or overwhelming. 

This headwrap is soft enough to feel comfortable on your baby's head so it won't bother or irritate them throughout the day as they explore and play. 

Our Chandler headwrap comes in a variety of colors, but this stunning red one is a must-have for any occasion and will soon become one of your favorites. 

It's perfect for everyday picnics or park playdates in the summer. It will go well with your baby's Fourth of July outfit and look just as cute for their Christmas or Thanksgiving outfit. 

7. Angel Babe Butter Knot

Every baby is an angel, and their accessories should highlight that. 

Our Angel Babe headwrap will look heavenly on your little one with its delicate white, lace pattern. Unlike regular lace, our headwrap won't irritate your baby's head or make them feel uncomfortable. 

It's rare to find such sweet lace in a material that is wearable and won't irritate your skin after being worn for a while. 

It's made with the same soft material as all our other butter knot headwraps, so you know your baby's head will be cradled in the smoothest and softest material you can find. 

This headwrap can be used to spruce up any everyday outfit or even be used for special occasions like weddings, reunions, or holidays. 

Buy Your Baby's Cutest Head Wraps Today

Baby head wraps are special, they are a part of your baby's first photos, outings, and much more. You'll use them time and time again and they will be part of the memories you create. 

When you buy your head wraps from Stevie J's you're buying comfort as well as style because your baby will look adorable while remaining happy and cozy. 

Search through our Original Headwraps collection or our baby hair bows collection to start choosing your baby's softest, sweetest accessories today. 

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