9 Great Baby Fashion Trends to Watch Out For

Did you know that apparel sales are up 46% this year? As things get back to normal, you might be one of the many people who are eager to try out some new styles and fashion for the season. And don't forget to include the tiniest trendsetters in your life, too! 

Are you looking for the latest baby fashion trends? This guide will let you know about all of the styles that you should be watching out for. Check out these top 9 trends below! 

1. Baby Hair Bows

One of the first top trends is hair bows for babies. Whether it's for everyday occasions or an event your child can look extra special with a hair bow in cute colors and luxe fabrics like velvet. Unlike ouch-inducing traditional headbands, these are constructed of a wide and soft band with a lovely grosgrain bow attached to it. 

2. Animal Faces

Little fashionistas will love this trend du jour that is showing up on everything from shoes to shirts. Animal faces are being stamped onto the tops of sneakers, t-shirts, and pant pockets for a look that's got all the warm fuzzy feels. Some items will even coordinate with hats that have ears to match the animal face. 

3. Animal Prints

Take a walk on the wild side with a popular animal print. The animal theme continues with everything from tiger, zebra, leopard, and other prints in both natural and electric hues. Try neon yellow printed pants and a coordinating top for a sunny ensemble that will add cheer to any baby's day. 

4. Outdoorsy Prints

The forecast for this trend is fun and functional. If you and your little one love spending time in the great outdoors, then get ready to rock some cute outdoor prints. Leaf prints, mushrooms, and other natural patterns look amazing and also disguise stains, making it a win-win. 

5. Hair Wraps

When you want to go beyond hair bows for your babes, take it to the next level with baby head wraps. They come in solid colors in soft and stretchy fabrics like nylon, as well as adorable florals and other patterns. Headwraps are the perfect way to jazz up any outfit by adding a hair accessory. 

6. Matching Family Outfits

If you want the whole family to get in on the fun, then try out the matching trend. Having identical outfits for everyone has been a big hit for a while now. Whether it is for family photos or a special occasion, pick cute patterns and solids that make a statement. 

7. Themed Clothing

One of the trends that is sure to be a hit with parents and babies alike is the theme trend. Clothing that is adorned with an ocean, jungle, or another theme is an adorable and eye-catching win for everyone. Nature, art, and even the holidays can be expressed via solo items or matching separates.

8. Eco-conscious Fashion

Eco-conscious clothing is a trend that's not just great for fashion but the planet as well. Sustainable brands are leading the pack with cute clothing offerings made of materials like bamboo and organic cotton. By crafting clothes that are non-toxic and even sometimes made with recycled or recyclable materials, it makes for purchase that you can feel good about. 

9. Unisex Baby Fashion Trends

Gone are the days when girls were limited to pink and boys were dressed in blue. Now it's popular to dress kids in gender-neutral clothing in a wide variety of colors and neutral hues. Accessible and inclusive fashion is all the rage, and pint-sized dressers can mix and match items without sacrificing style in that selection. 

Fashion Safety Tips

When dressing the littlest member of your family, it is important to consider the safety of each item before purchasing it. Make sure it doesn't have any kind of adornment that is a choking hazard or that could scratch or get caught in your baby's hair or fingers. Another thing to think about is what the garment is made of--look for natural fabrics that won't cause an allergic reaction, especially if your child has sensitivities. 

Consider Comfort

While it's tempting to outfit your mini-me in the latest trends, don't forget to consider their comfort when shopping. Look for items that are easy to get in and out of in a pinch and that can be worn for many hours at a time. Opt for soft textures on the fabrics to keep them cool or cozy, depending on the season. 

Bonus Budget Tips

If you are on a budget, then some simple tips can help your dollar go further. Try buying items a size too big so that your baby will get more mileage out of it. If you plan on having more children, invest in gender-neutral items that can be reused for the next baby, or traded in a clothing swap with other friends or family members who have little ones. 

Ready To Try Out Some Trends?

Now that you've learned all about some of the hottest trends out there in baby fashion, you can try some on your favorite little one. Animal faces and prints have been a hit for all ages and are an easy one to try for both boys and girls. But no matter which popular pick you choose, there are sustainable, comfortable, and stylish options out there for everyone. 

If you are looking for more style inspiration, check out the rest of our shop here. And feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products! 

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