Baby Headwraps: Here's Why They're Trending

It doesn't take much for a baby to be cute. Usually, it's enough to see them sleeping peacefully in their stroller for everyone to swoon. But, recently, babies have been setting the bar high for fashion.

Headwraps for babies have been all the rage in recent years. Celebrities, social media influencers, and everyday moms are sprucing up their baby's wardrobe with this fashionable accessory.

However, there are lots of trends when it comes to babies. What makes baby headwraps so popular? It turns out that these child accessories are both functional and fashionable. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about baby headbands. Also, how to find high-quality headwraps from the right company. 

An Easy Fashion Statement

What turns something fashionable into an all-out trend? If it's easy to wear with everything. Here's a rundown of how headwraps are an easy way to dress up your baby.

Assortment of Colors

These headwraps come in a wide assortment of colors. This means you can easily choose any color to match any look. Having plenty of options always makes a trend easier. 

You can never underestimate how a cute accessory in a solid, classic color can impact a baby's outfit.

Cute Designs

While there are solid colors, there are also plenty of cute designs to choose from too. This could range from floral print to cheetah print baby hair bows.

A fun design easily adds flavor to any child's outfit.

Stylish with Any Outfit

The great thing about headwraps as a baby fashion statement is that they look good with everything. Maybe your baby is rockin' a pretty holiday dress. A solid-colored hair bow might accentuate this look simply.

Or, it could be one of those days where all we have to work with is a plain white onesie. It's easier to dress this up more with a patterned bow. So, regardless of the outfit, baby headwraps are an easy fashion statement. 

Let's Face It: Babies Are Messy

This is an unavoidable fact of life. Babies spit up, have blow-outs, and are messy eaters. When it comes to their clothes, it's hard to get through the day without a stain.

But it's okay for your baby to make a mess. In fact, it's good for them. So how can you help them look cute while also letting them be, well, a baby?

The great thing about baby headwraps is that they make a fashion statement while avoiding the mess. These accessories last a long time because they're above where the messes happen. So you never have to worry about them getting ruined for the sake of looking cute.

Bows Make a Big Impression

Dressing your baby up in a bow can wow any crowd. Because the trend is hot right now, a baby headwrap is great for any special event.

Family Portraits

If you're taking family portraits, a headwrap is a cute way to help your baby stand out. These may be portraits for your gallery wall or a holiday card. Either way, a headwrap is an elegant way to dress up your baby.

It also might just be time for that monthly photoshoot as you watch your baby grow up. Headwraps are a great accessory for making these progress photos timeless.

Holiday Designs

One fun aspect about baby headwraps is that around the holidays you can buy patterns for any theme. Around Christmas, this might be a festive candy cane or Christmas tree pattern. For Halloween, the design might be spookier.

This trend is extremely versatile, which is what makes it so popular. These holiday designs are great for holiday dinners with family or festive outings with friends. 

Everyday Outings

Heading to the store? Going for a walk in the park? These are still great excuses to look cute. 

Bows make a big impression even if you aren't attending an event because they make you and your baby look put together. Essentially, a baby headband is fitting for any and every occasion. 

What to Prioritize When Shopping for Baby Headwraps

Because baby headwraps are trending, there are many businesses you can get them from. Let's talk about how you can get the most out of this trend by buying them from the right place.

Small Businesses

As with anything, you want to prioritize supporting small businesses. These businesses work with a higher level of care and have the customer's best interests in mind. 

These small businesses also tend to have better reviews than bigger businesses. This is because they take the time to make the customer feel like family.


Nothing compares to a handmade headwrap. These are higher quality, will last longer, and are ultimately worth the money.

When you know that something is handmade, you can be sure that its production was gentle. Also, that its perfection comes from a place of hard work.


The number one thing you should prioritize is your baby's comfort. When you choose a small business that hand-makes its product, you're investing in comfort. Comfort comes from the right materials and careful sewing. 

The Perfect Baby Gift

If you're a grandparent, friend, or spouse to someone having a baby, you're probably wondering what to buy them when that baby shower rolls around. Well, baby headbands make for the perfect gift. 

The trend isn't slowing down, so you can be sure that you're giving them a gift that will never go out of style. You could even pair a baby headband with a cute outfit!

Shop With Stevie Js Today!

Clearly, baby headwraps are the ultimate fashion statement. If you're looking to join in on this trend, Stevie Js is here to help.

We're a team of moms in Dallas, Texas who hand make baby hair bows. We make them in an assortment of styles, colors, and patterns so that your baby can look fashionable for any occasion. 

Do you want to step up your baby's wardrobe? Contact us today to get ahead on the trend!

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