How to Select the Best Hair Accessory for your Baby

Best Hair Accessory For Your Girls

Whether it's a Sunday brunch or a family photo, you want your baby to look cute as ever. The best way to accentuate their cuteness is with the perfect hair accessory and here's how to choose it. 

You know your baby looks cute in literally anything they wear - it just makes sense, because they're your baby. But you want them to look their absolute cutest that they possibly can, right? Of course, you do.

Get the down-low on just what hair accessory looks the best on your little one. Because again, we know they all look great, but something out there's got to be the best. Your baby can be photo ready in no-time once you get the perfect hair accessory.

How to Get the Best Hair Accessory for Your Baby

There's a little more to looking at a cute hair accessory and saying "is it cute?" That's definitely a factor, but make sure you're keeping other things in mind too.

How Much Hair?

How much hair does your little one have? Some kids have full heads of hair early on, but others have a little bit more wispy of a hair-do, which is perfectly normal.

However, when your baby has less hair, it's more difficult to choose a hair accessory that works for them. A traditional top ponytail is a lot harder to successfully pull off when there's not much hair to gather into a ponytail.

While you're waiting for that hair to come in, consider getting a head wrap to use as a baby hair accessory. Not only do they look super adorable, but they wrap right around your child's head, so you don't have to worry about how much hair they do or don't have for you to work with.

How Much Does It Cost?

This might not be something that immediately comes to mind when thinking about baby hair accessories, but keep an eye on your budget. Believe it or not, even hair accessories for babies can break the bank. And you thought it was just when you grew up that you had to worry about that, didn't you?

It's just not worth it to break the bank when it comes to looking for something to dress your child up in, no matter how cute the accessory is. Your little one will look great in most things that you choose, so it's not worth the spend.

They'll also outgrow that accessory sooner rather than later, so you don't get as much bang for your buck than with something that's going to stick around for a long time. Your baby grows! And accessories don't grow with them.

For the most part, they don't grow with them, that is. Some elastic accessories like the head wrap can be adjusted as your baby grows, so they make more sense as an investment. Little clips and bows, however, are probably not going to be something you use for years and years to come.

What Are They Made Of?

At the same time, make sure you're not buying your accessories at too much of a discount. If you choose a clip or headband or bow that's made very cheaply, it may come apart and be unsafe for your child to wear.

In addition to breaking, accessories can also be made out of unsafe materials that aren't fit for your child to be around. They could be made out of toxic fabrics or materials. Try to find products that are made with organic materials and are labeled so that you're able to know exactly what's in them and what you're exposing your baby to.

Do They Match?

Another thing to keep in mind is the wardrobe your child already has. Just like with your own outfits, when looking for accessories, you're going to be matching them with the clothes you're wearing.

Make sure the accessories you're investing in match the clothes your baby already has. If she wears a lot of pink, it makes sense to get pink accessories, or ones with complimentary colors to pink.

Are They Comfy?

Probably the most important factor above all else is how comfortable the accessory is for your baby. They can't choose what they wear, so it's necessary to make sure what they're wearing is something that's not too tight or uncomfortable in any way for them.

Maybe you get heels that don't exactly qualify as comfy - but that's your choice. When your baby grows up, they can deal with that, but for now, let them look cute and feel comfortable at the same time. If you select a headband, for instance, that's too tight and puts a lot of pressure on your child's head, it's an unsafe accessory and one that you should ditch.

Not only is it simply what should be done, if you're taking your child out in public, they're going to be happier and in a better mood altogether if they like the accessories they're wearing just as much as you do. So it's only common sense to make sure the accessory is well-fitting, along with cute.

Are They Safe?

Going hand in hand with comfort, you should also consider the safety of the accessory. You already know if you have a toddler, but they love to put things in their mouths. Some accessories may be a choking hazard, and those are ones to look to avoid.

Some headbands might have rhinestones or other decorations on them that could serve as a potential choking hazard that is unsafe for your baby to wear. They may also carry extra weight that's unsafe for your baby to wear. A good rule of thumb is to stick to soft, less complex designs to ensure the comfort of your child.

Get One of Your Own

You've already got a baby of your own, so that's not what we mean. We mean that now that you know just what kind of hair accessory you want, go out and get it.

The great thing about the internet is that you don't even actually have to go anywhere to get adorable things for your baby to wear. We know you're busy watching them.

So get some hair accessories like the ones from this tropical collection without having to hire a babysitter. Your kiddo looks as cute as a button, and you didn't even have to bat an eyelash. Other moms will wonder how you do it.

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