How to Tie Baby Head Wraps and Bows the Easy Way: A Guide

If you have a little one at home, then you know how hard it can be to dress them. The funny wiggles and turnovers make it impossible to put them in cute accessories like baby head wraps.  

But if you're a mom that loves dressing your baby up in hair bows and wraps, then keep reading this article to learn how to use headwraps, even on busy days!

Happy Baby Happy Life

First and foremost, you'll want to make sure your baby is calm and present. However, this is easier said than done! But here are some tips to getting your baby calm before head wrapping.

For starters, some babies love sensory videos. They can get lost in them for hours without noticing any of their surroundings. So if you can, hop on YouTube and look for baby sensory videos and see if your little one shows any interest. 

If not, then you'll have to try our second approach. For this second tip, you'll need to feed your baby and cuddle them for about 5 minutes. This will lower their stress levels and get them in a calm state of mind.

Once the baby feels comfortable and calm, start your headwrap! But be calm and quiet, you don't want your baby to get agitated. The last tip is for babies who have a lot of energy. 

You'll want to make the experience fun for them. For example, you could count the ABC in a funny voice or you could use the hair bow to play peek-a-boo for a few seconds. 

Overall, just try to make your baby laugh and put them in a fun mood. This way, they'll associate hair bows with learning and fun. And in the future, head wraps and bows will be a lot easier!

The Best Baby Head Wraps

Now that you have a calm baby, you can begin doing some hair bows or head wraps! Down below we've added a list of the cutest baby hair bows and wraps-- and simple step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the cutest hair looks!

The Perfect Hair Bow

For this hair accessory, you can buy a pre-rolled hair bow. These are a lot easier since all you do is place it around your baby's head with the attached head string. 

However, if you want to personalize your hair bows, you'll want to get a head wrap! So start by taking the wrap and placing it around your baby's head. Be sure to hold the two long ends, and point them upward. 

Then cross the right side over to the left side and vise versa. Now, you'll want to take the left side and place it beneath the right side and make a knot.

After this, place the right side and fold it over, to make a loop. Then, place the left side under the right side. Carefully pull the material all the way through.

After you do this, you'll have one bow formed. Lastly, fold the right side in half, this will form the last loop. You'll need to then tuck the end of the side all the way through and under the knot, and you're all set!

This kind of hair bow is great for special occasions like photoshoots, holidays, and outings! It might take you a couple of times to get it right but just keep practicing.

The Baby Turban

Baby turbans are great because they can adjust over time. So you'll have a head wrap for over 2 years!

For this head wrap, you'll start by taking the turban material and laying it, under your baby's head! Make sure you place the turban where it lines up on the lowest part of your baby's ear.

Then you'll get the fabric and scrunch it up and ensure you're covering the ears. Then take the gathered fabric and bring it towards the front. Take a rubber band and make a ponytail with the material but don't make it tight. 

Now, twist the hanging material to the bottom of the fabric. Then, take the twist and wrap it around the rubber band. You'll want to do this tightly so it doesn't come undone.

Then tuck any remaining fabric under the knot.  Lastly, take one last rubber band and secure the base of the knot! You should have a perfect turban head wrap after this. 

And as your baby grows you can loosen the last headband and expand the wrap to fit your baby's head. This kind of wrap is great for colder weather since it protects the ears and the whole head.

The Knotted Top 

Last but not least, we have the easiest head wrap-- the knotted top! First, start by taking a regular baby bow and lay it flat on a hard surface. Take the left side and fold it over diagonally.

You'll then repeat this with the right side. Then you'll take the right side and place it underneath the left side, this should form your first knot.

Then take the right side and place it under the left side. However, instead of forming a know, you'll want to pull the fabric tightly. Lastly, just fic the hair bow until it fits on your baby's head perfectly. This kind of headwrap is perfect for everyday looks like playdates, car rides, and visiting family members!

Baby Head Wraps Made Easy

Now that you know the secret to the best baby headwraps, you can start incorporating these looks into your baby wardrobe! Remember to take breaks if you're baby gets too agitated and always start the process with a happy baby!

If you would like to see more head wraps and bows, visit our services page for a full list of great products!

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