Quarantined With Kids: 7 Self-Care Tips for Stressed Out Moms

It’s no secret that millions of people around the globe are suffering from unprecedented stress and burnout due to the lifestyle changes associated with COVID-19. If you’re a mom staying at home with your kids, you’re all too familiar with this!

As the family caregiver, we’re used to putting our needs on the back burner and while taking care of everyone else. But, now more than ever, it’s critical for you to make self-care a priority. These self-care tips will help!

What Is Self-Care Anyway?

Before we dive into some of our favorite self-care ideas, let’s take just a moment to talk about what self-care actually is – and what it isn’t.

In simplest terms, self-care is simply taking some time to take care of yourself. It doesn’t have to be something that takes hours and it doesn’t have to be something like a bubble bath or makeover.

Sometimes, self-care is as simple as taking two minutes to wash your face. Sometimes, it’s saying “no” to something you don’t really want to do, and other times its choosing to eat a nourishing snack instead of grabbing a handful of cookies.

Most importantly, self-care should be something that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, not like a chore. This being said, you may now be wondering what types of activities do qualify as self-care.

Our Favorite Self-Care Tips

The truth is, the best way to engage in self-care is very personal to you. While reading a book in the bath might seem like an absolute dream to some, others would much rather pass on this activity.

Take a look at these fun self-care ideas and pick one or two that appeal to you. If you see some that don’t, just skip them and move on. After all, this is all about making you feel great!

1. Shower and Dress Every Day

When everybody is spending day after day at home, it’s tempting to stay in your PJs or sweats all the time. But, doing this can take a toll on your motivation and your mental health.

While there’s nothing wrong with loosening it up a little bit, do your best to keep some semblance of a routine – including taking a shower and getting dressed each day. This will make you feel refreshed, wake up your mind, and prepare you to tackle whatever the day throws your way.

2. Simplify Your Hair and Makeup Routine

Just as getting dressed can help you feel more like yourself, so can taking a few minutes to freshen up your face and hair. By all means, keep it simple, but, if it makes you feel good to put on some mascara and lip gloss then go ahead and do it!

There’s also no reason to spend a bunch of time styling your hair each day. Instead, this is a great time to embrace dry shampoo and a ponytail. You’ll find that doing something, even if it’s super simple, will help to keep you from getting down in the dumps.

3. Find Some Fun Bonding Activities

With the kids home from school, you’re likely finding it very hard to get any alone time. You’ll have to get a little creative here and find ways to turn things you enjoy into a bonding experience with your kids.

Try putting on your favorite music and encouraging them to join you in a dance-off or putting on an exercise video and having them join you. Maybe you can create a ritual where you make tea and a tray of cookies and everybody spends 20 minutes reading their favorite books. Once you start using your imagination, you’ll find even more ways to creatively combine self-care and kid-care.

4. Expand Your Mind

Being stuck in the house with kids all day, every day is enough to make your brain start to feel like mush. Indulge the adult part of your mind by finding new ways to learn! Check out the latest documentaries, explore podcasts, or browse through some blog posts that interest you.

You’ll come out of this feeling just a bit smarter and have something to talk about when you finally get to go out again!

5. Phone a Friend

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or lonely, don’t go through it alone. Pick up the phone and call a friend. They’re likely feeling the same way and can give you the reassurance you need.

Not a phone person? Send a text, reach out through social media, or send an email. This is a small act that only takes a minute but will do wonders for your mental health.

6. Plan a Date Night

Staying home together for weeks on end is enough to put stress on any relationship. Even though you’re together constantly, you can start to drift far apart emotionally if you don’t keep putting in some effort.

After the kids are in bed, plan a special date night where you can rekindle the flame. Bonus points if you keep it up at least once a week!

7. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best things you can do right now is to just give yourself a break. None of us have ever been through anything like this before. We’re all scared, stressed, and doing the best we can.

Did your kid (and maybe you) have a breakdown for seemingly no reason? Let it go.

Were you too tired to cook a healthy dinner and let the family snack on cereal instead? Don’t worry about it.

You’re doing just fine, and your family (and you!) will come out of this no worse for the wear. So take a deep breath, lift your chin up, and congratulate yourself for getting through another day.

Enjoy Self-Care Whenever You Can!

We hope you enjoyed these self-care tips and can find at least a few minutes each day to give yourself the TLC you need.

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