Rockabye Baby: 5 Important Swaddling Benefits for You and Your Baby

New parents and their babies may struggle with sleep for many nights, which can make functioning during the daytime hours stressful.

Thankfully, there are solutions like swaddling your little one that can help both parents and babies enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.

Read on to discover a list of five very important swaddling benefits that will help your wee one drift into dreamland.

1. Swaddling a Baby Mimics Being in the Womb

One of the most important swaddling benefits is that it recreates that same sense of security that babies feel while in the womb. When you swaddle your baby, it helps prevent spontaneous movement that could startle them awake.

When babies stay still, they're much more likely to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Swaddling triggers a sort of relaxation mechanism in babies, which helps to soothe and calm them down so they fall asleep faster.

Babies can experience a "startle reflex" that will wake them suddenly, resulting in a fussy infant. When you swaddle your baby, it prevents this reflex from occurring unexpectedly. Swaddling can also ease colic by providing gentle pressure.

2. Swaddling Benefits: Less Anxiety for Baby

One of the most crucial benefits of swaddling infants is that it gives them a sense of peace and protection. This can reduce the common feelings of anxiety that babies tend to experience when they're laid down to sleep.

A soft, comfy swaddle will keep your little one calm and relaxed so they can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. Babies who are swaddled tend to sleep for longer periods of time, and they sleep much more peacefully than babies who aren't.

When your baby wears a swaddle, it helps them remain in the proper sleeping position, which is on their back. The swaddle prevents them from rolling over, which helps to "train" your baby to sleep in one specific position. This habit can continue even as they get older and the swaddle is no longer needed.

Newborns require around 16 hours of sleep per day. This is typically done in three or four-hour intervals, but swaddling can increase the amount of REM sleep babies get, which means they'll sleep more soundly for longer. 

3. You'll Require Less "Stuff" in Your Baby's Crib

From pillows and bumpers to baby blankets and stuffed animals, a swaddle can help you eliminate the need for excess comfort items in your baby's crib. This can save you money on additional accessories that your baby might not need.

Not only will a quality swaddle save you money, but it can also keep your baby safe. Using excess pillows, blankets, bumpers, and other items in a crib have been linked to some cases of SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome.

While you don't have to get rid of everything in your baby's crib, a swaddle can reduce the amount of stuff significantly. Your baby can always enjoy a stuffed animal while they're awake and supervised. 

4. Swaddling Promotes the Hands Over Heart Position

For years, many parents swaddled their babies with their arms at their sides. Unfortunately, this position has the potential to cause joint issues, and it also limits your baby's mobility.

The hands-over-heart position is preferred for sleeping babies since it helps them learn how to self-soothe. Self-soothing will encourage your baby to get back to sleep on their own, giving you more time to catch some z's, too. This is the ideal sleeping position for babies to stay healthy and get deeper sleep as they develop.

To put your child in this position, gently place their hands over the chest before wrapping them in the swaddle. Make sure they're secured snugly in the swaddle in this position, but not too tight. Another benefit is that swaddling your baby will prevent them from scratching their face while they sleep.

5. Parents Will Sleep Better, Too

Of course, one of the most important swaddling benefits is that new parents will get more sleep. Once your baby becomes accustomed to swaddling, they should quickly drift off into dreamland, and stay asleep for several hours.

Say goodbye to restless, sleepless nights due to being awoken by a crying baby. With swaddling, your little one should remain asleep for several hours unless they're teething or happen to be under the weather.

Sleep is vital for a healthy body and mind, and this applies to everyone from infants to adults. Without proper sleep, you'll wake up groggy and grumpy and may have difficulty concentrating on important tasks during the day.

Getting the right amount of sleep each night will allow you to be a better parent, spouse, and coworker. All humans need sleep for proper development and function, and that includes parents, too! A swaddle can help not just your baby, but also you in terms of getting the hours of peaceful sleep you need.

Say Hello to Better Sleep with Swaddling

As you can see, there are many swaddling benefits that will promote healthier sleep for your baby, and for you. With a swaddle, your infant will feel soothed, comfortable, and relaxed for a great night of rest.

If you're not sure how to use a swaddle correctly, talk to your pediatrician for some tips. A soft, cozy swaddle will give your baby a sense of comfort and protection that they need to sleep soundly.

To shop our selection of swaddles and other beautiful baby accessories, visit our website or contact us today. 

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