The Top Baby Hair Bows and Other Cute Accessories

Let's be honest, baby fever is a dangerous thing, and I have definitely been infected. 

My newest obsession has been discovering all of the up-and-coming trends in infant fashion, specifically baby hair bows and other cute hair accessories. Babies are already a little bundle of joy, and adding the perfect accessory is (literally) the bow on top.

But, the biggest struggle with finding the perfect hair bow is ensuring that it's safe for my little girl. There are just so many factors to consider when shopping for baby clothing, specifically pieces that will be around their heads. 

There are various articles out there outlining about a million ways you can help keep your child safe from sharp objects or tight headbands, and worrying about if your accessories are safe or not is a lot of pressure to put on a mama. 

Rest assured, I get it. 

We have compiled a list of the top baby hair bows and other accessories that will not only keep your baby safe but also deliver that signature "awww" factor... they're just so dang cute.  

Baby Headwraps

Lately, headwraps have been my absolute favorite accessory to shop for because of their variety and versatility. 

By adding a little touch of color with one of these cute wraps, I can easily dress up any outfit to fit a fancy occasion like a family photo or holiday dinner. Since they're so stretchy and comfortable, my baby loves wearing them when we're just hanging out around the house as well!

The flexibility isn't only for convenience, though- it's super important for safety.

At such a young age, your baby's skull is still growing. Tight headbands or clips can sometimes hurt the growth of the plates in their skull, so it's important to choose accessories that provide relief from any pressure. 

Headwraps are the ideal choice because you can adjust the tightness and get the perfect fit every time. 

Stevie J's pre-ties their headwraps so that you can easily slip them on and off. Because they handmake each accessory, you know that you're getting the best quality on the market. Here are some of our personal favorites from them:

Pink Gingham "Julia" Headwrap

Promising review: "A staple color! I only wish that I had bought it sooner. Use it for practically every holiday year-round! Or for a classy pop of color with any neutral outfit." - Tara M.

Leopard "Chandler" Headwrap

Promising review: "The leopard print is what has started my addiction with Stevie J's! When I initially placed the order I accidentally ordered the wrong size so I quickly emailed them and they got back to me within the hour and fixed my mistake. I love the quality of the bows and headbands, can’t wait to order more!" - Bianca G.


Baby Hair Bows and Clips

Hair clips and bows have been a lifesaver for every mama I know. The simple functionality of a clip-on bow is perfect for on-the-go style. 

Bows on nylon provide a quick way to dress up some of the easiest hairstyles, like pigtails. 

With the wide variety of options that Stevie J's offers, their hair bows have quickly grown to be fashion staples in my household (and not just for the baby). 

Their Little Linens bow collection can be featured on either a clip or nylon ponytail. Offered in a huge array of pastel and soft neutral colors, this collection is truly timeless. 

Speaking of a large color (and print) selection, their Dainty Velvet collection features 16 different rich, velvety bows! Also available on either clip or nylon, these bows are slightly smaller than the typical Stevie J's bow- for everyone out there who prefers their hair accessories to be a bit more petite.  

Baby Swaddles

Swaddling your sweet baby definitely isn't a new trend, in fact, it's one of the world's oldest habits dating back to around 4,000 BC.

For me, swaddling has become one of the quickest ways to get my baby to sleep. There are some tremendous health benefits to swaddling like regulating body temperature while they sleep and reducing the risk of SIDS. The swaddle also mimics the mother's touch, providing comfort and a night of much more restful sleep. 

Swaddle Sets

The different Swaddle and Bow sets that Stevie J's offers are equally as affordable as they are adorable!

While they do offer a few swaddles sold individually, you'll definitely want to keep an eye on their website because new styles and products are coming very soon.

The Butterflies Exclusive swaddle is dotted with blue, pink, and yellow pastel butterflies in various sizes. What I love about this design is that it is so new-age chic and incredibly fashionable. 

You can purchase this swaddle on its own, or pair it with a matching headwrap or a simple knot headwrap to save 10%!

My other personal favorite swaddle they're offering now is the Light Blue Floral Exclusive set. The faint blue background dotted with a few large cream flowers is perfect for a fresh spring look, or add a black or white bow to compliment any season.

Again, you can buy this beautiful swaddle separately or as a pair with a headwrap to save!

Hair Accessories for Everyone

What truly separates Stevie J's baby hair bows and accessories from the others are their quality and range. They boast that their bows fit any babe anywhere!

Sure, this list is all about babies; however, you'll love that you can now twin with your little girl or buy accessories that fit all different ages so your kids can share.

Get in touch with Stevie J's today! Send a message and let them know who you're shopping for and they'll help you find the perfect high-quality, fashionable hair accessory for your baby. 

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