7 Baby Clothes Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

With around 4 million babies born in the US every year, a lot of baby clothes shopping needs to happen!

Whether you're a parent, a relative, or a friend, buying clothes for babies can be a little daunting. It's hard to know the correct size, and babies grow so fast that the size might be right now and wrong in a month.

All you can do is your best — but if you manage to avoid the following mistakes, you'll do well.

1. Buying the Wrong Size (Especially Sizing Down)

The most common mistake is buying the wrong size. Even if you know the age of the baby, they might be large or small for your age.

In this case, you should ask the parents what size the baby usually wears. If you are one of the parents, go with what size you have most of their clothes in.

You can always google the brand and check if they run large or small too.

When it comes to baby clothes sizes, if you're still not sure, it's always better to size up. That way, they'll grow into it, but if you size down then you might never get any use out of the item. 

2. Focusing Too Much On Gender

Focusing too much on gender when it comes to clothes for babies can lead you to miss out on a whole host of really cute clothes!

If you want to dress your little girl up in pink or your little boy up in blue, you should go for it. However, if you think something is really cute but are worried purple is too feminine for your little boy, or something blue isn't right for your little girl, you should let go of that and get what you want.

It's fine to buy clothes that are geared towards one gender but don't stress about it too much if you find something else cute. 

3. Not Taking the Parents Into Account

If you're a friend or relative, you should always take the parents into account.

For example, perhaps the parents don't want to dress their little girl up in pink and would prefer more gender-neutral clothes. Perhaps they have a little boy and very much don't want to dress him in pink, and would rather keep their clothes gendered.

Perhaps they have a favorite animal, or one that they really don't like. They might love hilarious sayings on t-shirts, or they might find them tacky.

All in all, it's important to take the parents into consideration above all else. If you're not sure, ask if they have specific likes and dislikes you should bear in mind when buying baby clothes. 

4. Buying Too Much At Once

Because babies grow so quickly, you shouldn't get carried away. While shopping for baby clothes can be very fun and you might be tempted to buy a whole bunch of things, they're going to outgrow everything fast and may not even get a chance to wear them all.

Instead, buy a few things at a time, or buy some things in a size up. That way, you can space out what your baby is wearing and they'll get some use out of all the clothes.

Baby clothes are cute, and shopping for them is exciting, but you have to maintain a level of practicality too! Otherwise, it's a waste of money. 

5. Not Shopping Around

Although you might see many baby clothes in the first store you visit (or on the website, if you're buying baby clothes online), you should stop around a bit before making purchases. You might find that you can get clothes that are just as cute cheaper, or find clothes you like better.

It's easy to get excited about shopping for a new baby, but by being a little patient and checking out the other options, you might find better options or save yourself some money. 

6. Buying Too Many Low-Quality Baby Clothes Accessories

When it comes to accessories, it's better to pick a few neutral high-quality accessories that can match any outfit rather than buying some for each outfit. If you pick a few beautiful accessories rather than a bunch of cheap ones, they can match any outfit and be super stylish! 

By picking a few neutral ones, you can have adorable accessories without having to spend too much money or overload yourself with different options. 

7. Not Checking Out the Return Policy

Above all else, you should check out the return policy, whether you get the clothes online or in the store. You never know if the clothes might be too small or uncomfortable, or there may be another reason to return them.

By making sure there's a good return policy in place, you can have the reassurance that you can get your money back if they aren't suitable.

If you've already made that mistake and can't return clothes, it's always nice to donate them — however, now you know for the future. 

Baby Clothes Shopping Will Be Successful If You Avoid These Mistakes!

Baby clothes shopping can be both exciting and stressful. It's hard to know where to even start!

As long as you bear these things in mind (including sizing up rather than down, checking out the return policy, and shopping around), you'll find that you return from your shopping trip successfully. Whether it's your baby or someone else's, the results are bound to be a hit.

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