7 Of the Best Baby Gifts to Give an Expecting Mother

The baby product industry has a value of about 10.91 billion as of the year 2017. Four years later, that number continues to grow. just like the babies born that year.

And more babies are on the way! As the expecting mother in your life takes her journey through pregnancy, you'll want to prepare her for the baby's arrival. 

But with concern for child health growing in expecting parents, you want to make sure your gift is safe, practical, and easy to use. So how do you make sure that when you purchase baby gifts, you're making the right choice? Where do you start?

From clothing to toiletries to toys, we've got the best baby gifts compiled here for you. These gifts are sure to make any newborn baby- and newfound parent- happy! Keep reading for our top seven best baby gifts.

1. Baby Chair

The best way to take a baby's mealtime from mess to masterpiece? The right high-chair! Granted, your expecting mother won't need that high chair until the newborn grows to about six months old. But those months will fly by faster than you think! 

The best high chairs have functionality and durability. Gift a high chair that'll last the parents a few years, so they don't have to add yet another baby investment to their budget. Find one with basic high-chair functions, such as a feeding tray and safe seat straps.

Rolling wheels that lock and a chair that grows with the baby are a huge plus! 

2. Headwraps

Want to gift an item with value that won't break the bank? Try a cute and stylish newborn headwrap! Headwraps are an easy fashion statement that brings newborn cuteness to a whole new level. And they keep the ears and noggin warm as well! 

Headwraps are relatively affordable, and you don't have to go to the big box stores for good prices. Purchasing baby headwraps from small businesses that handmake their products makes for a gift that is sure to last. 

Make your mom-to-be's photos with her little one, complete with the perfect headwrap! With a variety of textures, colors, and patterns to choose from, there's a great headwrap for every baby occasion. 

3. Swaddles and Blankets

Speaking of keeping stylish and warm, don't forget the best in baby comfort. Gift an expecting mother soft, stylish swaddles to wrap and comfort her sweet newborn. Swaddles are the ultimate practical baby gift purchase, and the mother will start using them as soon as the precious baby arrives!

Every baby also needs a special blanket that'll last through early life's messes. The perfect baby blanket is non-slippery, cozy, and can withstand trips to the washing machine. In the baby's early days, they'll use it for tummy time.

As they grow past 1 year of age, the blanket can provide security and comfort through the nighttime.

4. Take-Along Toy Sets

For the mom on the go, look into take-along toy sets. From blocks to tiny toy sets from Fisher-Price, there are a variety of toys to choose from. These toys will keep a baby entertained, so mom can focus her attention elsewhere. But they also aid in cognitive development and development of motor skills! 

For newborns and babies aged 0-6 months, you'll want to stick to toys that prioritize safety. Too hard toys can be hurtful for teething babies, and too small toys could pose a choking hazard. Safe, simple toys like rattles, balls, and books are your best bet for a happy, entertained, and safe baby. 

5. Baby Clothes

If you're looking to buy baby gifts, any expecting parents will appreciate baby clothes. But while this may seem like a simple, easy gift, there are some factors you'll need to consider, like sizing and growth. 

For one, remember the clothes you gift won't be worn just yet. So even though the baby is born in the wintertime, don't run to buy sweaters. They'll start branching out beyond onesies once they're mobile and out and about at a few months of age. By that point, they'll need warm-weather clothes, and they'll surely have grown out of that sweater by next winter.

From mommy and me matching sets to baby booties, the style opportunities are endless for gifting baby clothes. Start with the latest baby fashion trends to inspire your gift-hunting.

6. Do-It-All Baby Bag

Looking to take care of the momma more than the baby? We can't forget all the hassle new moms can go through! Make her life a little easier with a do-it-all diaper bag that's functional and fashionable. 

Gone are the days of stuffy diaper bags thrown over the shoulder and lugged around. Today, there are plenty of diaper bags on the market that represent style and functionality. 

The best diaper bags have hidden pockets or expandable compartments for storing extra supplies. Nix any bags with hard-to-reach areas, so your mom-to-be has no hassle finding that bottle for the third time today.

From backpacks to totes, there's a baby bag for every outfit, season, and occasion. Let your favorite expecting mother know she doesn't have to sacrifice her individual style when a newborn comes along. She can still express herself while being a kick-ass momma! 

7. Baby Bathtime Essentials

With the daily messes of a newborn, there's nothing more important than baby toiletries to keep them clean. With safety at the forefront of every new parent's mind, you'll want to look for a bathtime gift made especially for the health of newborns. 

Tear-free, hypoallergenic body washes are the safest bet for any newborn baby. If the product is dermatologist-tested and not tested on animals, even better. Moisturizers and lotions are also a great idea, as you're never too young to start caring for your skin!

Remember, this kind of gift can be very personal to what each parent wants for their child. Make sure to check in with the parents to learn their health and safety priorities before gifting. 

The Best Baby Gifts Are Made With Love

From playtime to bathtime to snuggle time, the best baby gifts you can give are made and gifted with love. To stand out from the gifting crowd and ensure you give a long-lasting, safe product, try to invest in a handmade or homemade gift.  

For the best in homemade head wraps, swaddles, and more, look no further than Stevie J's. Shop our product collections today to get a head start on holiday gifting for your favorite expecting mother! 

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