Top 3 Must-have Adorable Baby Girl Outfits



We know how hard it is for moms to find the time and energy to plan a shopping trip with your little one in tow. All moms deserve a break every now and then. So, we rounded up the season's top trending styles for you.

Now you don't have to look far to find the most adorable baby fashions on the market today.

Looking for fresh, unique ways to dress your little bundle of joy? Then, you're in the right place.

Keep reading for this season's must-have baby girl outfits that you won't want to pass up!

Our Top 3 Must-Have Adorable Baby Girl Outfits

Whether you're heading to visit your in-laws, or meeting friends for a playdate, these baby girl outfits will have the whole world oohing and ahhing over your little princess.

1. The Simply Perfect Cotton Bloomer

Not sure what to wear? A simple, traditional cotton bloomer makes the decision easy.

Every baby's wardrobe needs a go-to bloomer outfit that's simple enough to wear every day, but elegant enough to wear on a slightly special occasion, too.

Although baby bloomer outfits could easily be classified as unisex wear, they tend to be better for dressed-up events on baby boys. When worn by baby girls, they tend to have greater versatility. Choose a super-cute, soft as butter headwrap to ensure that no one mistakes your "she" for a "he" when out on the town in this favorite baby pick.

This is a great outfit when meeting Dad for lunch, but could also make a beautiful pick for perfect pictures.

One of the things that we love about a cotton bloomer for babies is how comfortable and easy-to-wear, not just for baby, but for the ones who dress them as well.

The one-piece bloomer suit can be worn alone, or with a tee or onesie underneath. For a dressier look, you can pair the piece with a peter-pan collared blouse. Suddenly, playtime wear goes from fun to fancy enough for a wedding or practically any five-star occasion.

You can choose a patterned bloomer, but we love traditional pastels best. One of our faves is the Jacadi Oxford Cotton Bloomer, recently featured by Elle, for $69 dollars.

2. A Romper for the Apple of Your Eye

When choosing baby girl outfits, we totally understand wanting to dress your baby is something that's equally deliciously darling, but comfy and uncomplicated, as well. That's why the Apple romper by Estella earns a top spot among our baby girl favorite fashions this season.

The soft cotton fabric is organic handknit for comfort that won't make your baby balk. And, organic threads are good-for-the Earth, too.

What makes the outfit so adorable is high-contrast bright red apple design that's sure to catch every bypasser's eye.

Worn to preschool, or to the playground, this precious romper is sure to be one of the most-worn outfits in your baby's fall wardrobe.

Not only does this romper feature the one of a kind style the kind that every mother will love, it's washable and easy to care for. This makes it even better, since we know wash and wear clothing is high on every new mommy's priority list. And, this is why moms are likely to love it just as much as we do.

The only thing that could make the apple romper any cuter?

Pairing with an apple-red Chandler stretch headwrap. For a mere $14 dollars, this headwrap for wee ones is cute enough to bring even the drabbest outfit to life. But, when matched with our favorite apple romper, it's a look that's so fresh, it's almost too cute to wear.

But, you'll get plenty of wear out of an outfit as cute and easy as this. Trust us on this one. You'll thank us later.

3. A Cute Classic White Dress That She Can Wear Anywhere

There's something about white that makes it the perfect color for babies. Perhaps it's the clean, pure connotations that go along with it, reminding of our sweet ones' innocence.

Some moms shy away from white clothing for babies, similar to the way some might turn their noses up at white furniture, rugs, or bedding. But, we tend to disagree.

Wearing white shouldn't be shunned due to fear of a few drops of milk or carrots. With a little effort and some stain removal spray, perhaps, your favorite whites can look new time and again.

A precious example of classic white is the eyelet BCB toddler dress. With just the right amount of frill, a ruffled sleeve, and simple, A-line design, the cute and comfy dress can be worn anywhere with ease.

Plus, white can be worn with a variety of accessories to change up your baby's look and match a wide range of occasions.

Get More Fashion Ideas for Your Baby Girl!

Want more in-style ideas to bring your baby girl outfits to life?

We've got the latest trends to make every little girl look like she just stepped off the runway.

Your tot will look fashion forward and like a downright diva when you choose from our collection of this season's favorite headwraps. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, perfect for everything that's hanging in her closet.

If you've never tried our headwraps, you don't know what you're missing.

Check out this tutorial to learn out how easy it is to wear this season's favorite accessory for tots!

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