Tips for Keeping Baby Hair Bows In

Baby hair bows are cute and fashionable but can be a pain to keep in. They slip off, don't stay in place, or your little girl takes them off altogether. If you have trouble keeping your little girl's baby hair bows from coming off, you've come to the right place.

If you're tired of fixing your baby's hair bow multiple times a day, stop putting it back in and start experimenting with these hair bow hacks. Keep on reading to learn how you can keep baby hair bows in your little one's hair.  

First Make Sure She's Comfortable 

At Stevie J's, we pledge that each of our products is made the "Stevie J's way." We ensure that each of our American-made products is of the highest quality and comfortable to wear. If you're looking to buy cute baby hair accessories but don't know where to start or what hair accessories would be the best for your baby, check out this blog post for a breakdown of the benefits of each of our products.

If your daughter hasn't adjusted to having accessories in her hair, there's nothing to fear. Make sure that when you are putting in her hair bows that they aren't pressing against her head or otherwise making her uncomfortable in any way. If she still isn't having it, then try out the following hair bow hacks and she'll be wearing bows in no time. 

Tip #1: Use a Distraction

If your daughter has a habit of pulling out her hair bows as soon as you put them in, try getting her to look the other way at maybe her favorite toy or another family member while you put in her hair bow. Make sure she doesn't see you do it; if your baby doesn't see the hair bow or know that it's there, then you're much more likely to keep it in their hair.  

Tip #2: Get Her With a Fake-out

Supposing that your daughter doesn't fall for it when you try to get her to look the other way, try first putting a hair bows in that she can easily take out. Then, when she's busy fussing with the first hair bow, put in a second hair bow. The trick is to make sure she doesn't see the second hair bow.

If your daughter has a problem with pulling out her hair accessories or with pulling her hair, check out for tips on how to get your baby to stop pulling her hair. 

Tip #3: Use a Rubber Band

This hack is specific to clip-on hair bows. Wrapping a rubber band around the clip end of a clip-on hair bow will get the bow extra grip to hold on to your baby's fine hair. Both tiny and regular-sized rubber bands get the job done. 

Tip #4: Make it Routine

Your daughter is more likely to get used to having bows in her hair if you put them in routinely, whether that be every day or once a week for dinner with the family. Make sure that you style her hair at the same time in the day as well to ensure that she adjusts to having her hair styled. 

Tip #5: Get a Matching Hair Bow

Stevie J's hair accessories can be worn by moms too! Our baby hair bows and clips can be worn by both infants and adults. Your daughter may be more willing to wear her hair bow if she sees that her mommy is wearing the same one.

Check out to find inspiration for mother and daughter hairstyles you can try out with your little one. 

Tip #6: Let Her Pick 

You can try this by putting a few hair accessories in front of her and encouraging her to pick one up. Whichever one she chooses will be the one you put in her hair. This method not only puts the fun back in styling your baby's hair but also fosters individuality in your child.

When Baby Hair Bows Are on The Loose 

Even if you get your child used to wearing hair accessories, you're still likely to lose bows given how small they are. With good accessory storage, there'll be no more losing bows.

You can easily convert wall-hanging shoe storage to storage for your baby's hair accessories just by switching out the shoes, or you can use drawer storage compartments to organize her hair accessories in an easy-access drawer. 

Safety Warning

Although they are cute, hair bows can be very dangerous for your baby. You should never leave a child unattended when they're wearing a hair accessory. The same goes for when they are sleeping, you should never let your baby sleep in their hair bow.

Babies, especially infants, are naturally curious about the world around them and are likely to put small objects like hair accessories in their mouths, which poses a choking hazard. Keep your baby safe and looking fashionable by monitoring them when they are wearing hair accessories. 

Check Us Out 

Whether you're looking for the perfect baby shower gift or looking for baby hair bows or other cute accessories for your little one, Stevie J's has you covered.

All of our products are handcrafted with love by a hard-working team of moms in the Dallas area. Get to know the story behind Stevie J's head wraps and check out our website to see view our extensive line of baby hair accessories, swaddles, and clothing. 

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